The Piscatorial Farce of the Stolen Stomach

The page numbers are from “Lord Peter” published by Harper & Row. The excerpts are copyrighted 1972 by Harper & Row.

191 ~ How about a bit of brekker?
Slang for breakfast.

193 ~ pushed him off among the Sassenachs
An ancient derogatory term for the English that was derived from the Gaelic word for Saxon. The word is still used today but in a jocular way. This headline was found on the BBC News Web site about Scottish soccer fans’ support for the English World Cup team: “Tartan Army goes soft on Sassenachs.”

(Contributed by Mary Butler)

Writer to the Signet
A solicitor who works at the Supreme Court of Scotland.

201 ~ manuscript of Catullus
Gaius Valerius Catullus was a Roman poet, born around 84 BCE and died possibly around 54 BCE. He’s known primarily for his love poetry.

conducting a knock-out
An auction scam. Before the event, members of a bidding ring hold a private sale, known as the knockout, to decide who will buy the object that the ring has secured. The difference between the price realized in this private sale and the price paid by the ring in the public auction is divided, on the basis of a linear sharing rule, among the members. These side-payments provide an incentive for the ring members to bid higher than they would have in an identical public auction. As a consequence, neither the realized price in the private sale nor the total payments of the winner are unbiased estimates of the price the item would have fetched in the public auction in the absence of collusion.

202 ~ missal
From the Latin word Missa meaning Mass, this the book which contains the prayers said by the priest at the altar as well as all that is officially read or sung in connection with the offering of the holy Sacrifice of the Mass throughout the ecclesiastical year.

206 ~ Potts fracture
Lord Peter was in error. A Potts fracture is a general name for a variety of fractures and fracture-dislocations around the ankle, not the knee.

208 ~ patella
A small rounded moveable bone situation in a tendon in front of the knee joint. Also known as the kneecap

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