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Every day, we’re bombarded with messages that demand we spend more, that we need to spend more, that we’re dissatisfied with our lives and the empty hole can only be filled with more stuff. But when the bad times comes — when we lose our jobs, suffer health reversals, or the economy goes into the dumper — those things won’t save us. Only we can do that.

Brought up in a frugal household, Teresa Peschel has spent a lifetime learning and applying these lessons, and “Suburban Stockade” distills them into simple tools that anyone can learn, apply and benefit from. Each Saturday, we’ll offer along chapter that will help you live your life the way you want to. It won’t make the bad times go away, but it can make them easier to live through.

“Suburban Stockade” is now available at Amazon. Or, read more about the book at Peschel Press.

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