Marilyn's family photos
Easter 1950

This is my family. Easter Sunday, 1950. That's Dad adjusting his camera. Sister Becky in Uncle Bill's arms, wife Dee next to him. Brother Stan in Mom's arms. She's had quite a day of it and it's not even time for church yet. Nan, Dad's mother, is next to her, looking at Pop, who's taking the picture. The couple on the end is Dee's father and mother, the Tudos from Cleveland.

The only ones unaccounted for in this picture are my brother, Larry, and myself. Larry would be along in a few years, and I'll show up in 1960.

It's my fault, really. I simply didn't pay enough attention to all these strange people are growing up. Now, most of them are gone and I'm left to pick up the pieces. My aunt sent me these pictures recently, and looking through them became something of a personal Rorschact test, sparking memories and reactions that remind me that, no matter how many years have passed by, the past is still capable of returning, alive and fresh.

Funny thing about looking at family pictures. Sometimes, the face we see is our own.

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