Remembrance of Cruises Past

"The Best Dreams Are Disney Dreams"

-- Rachel The Cruise Director

This is my record of the four-day, three-night cruise aboard the Disney Wonder that my son, Matthew, won through McDonalds. I wrote an article about it for my newspaper's travel section, and since this site is about my writing, I decided to post it, and include footnotes with some added material and observations about what we experienced. Call this the Writer's Cut with commentary.

Any journey will expose you to different cultures, and this one is no exception. But we didn't meet the engaging natives of Nassau or Freeport. We didn't leave the boat at all, except to visit Castaway Cay, Disney's private beach.

Instead, we entered the Land of Disney. I should have expected it. After all, this was a Disney cruise. But I was still startled at the full-immersion experience, and the story at times has that country-hick-visiting-the-big-city sound to it. I don't apologize for this; it let me wonder why little girls would line up to get their picture taken and autographs from actresses in costumes, and eagerly take notes at 11:30 at night while watching guys in cruise wear practice shaking their butts to "YMCA."

But I am sorry about the title. It's a steal from Proust, and not a good one at that, but you should have seen the ones I could have used. No, better you didn't. Anyway, to create the proper atmosphere, put on some Jimmy Buffett -- the patron saint of cruise tunes -- make yourself a slushy drink in a tall plastic glass and read on.

And I promise you won't be made to dance the Macarena.

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