Peter Jackson Works Magic on World War I Footage

Moving-picture geeks have had a lot to celebrate as visual depictions have gotten more and more amazing. It has reached a point where anything imagined can be realized, even (to be snarky) porn starring your favorite celebrities.

But this is an amazing milestone: Peter Jackson is working on a World War I documentary that takes existing footage and makes it better.

Not just cleaned up. This is “Blade Runner”-type stuff I’m talking about.

First, let’s just look at the “clean up and colorize” result. That’s already pretty smart-looking.

World War I documentary

Now, here’s a before and after, where you go from faces that are nearly black to being clear enough to identify.

World War I footage

World War I, Before

Peter Jackson World War I documentary

World War I, After. Can you see Great-Grandpa Joseph there?

This documentary is coming out in the fall. It’s from the BBC, so it’ll be readily available in the UK. Americans will have to pirate the film to see it.

Here’s Peter talking about the magic he wrought.

I swear the man must have forged a new Ring for himself to work this movie magic.