Career Indie Author is Moving!

Will Farrell in “Stranger Than Fiction.”

Today’s post is not only late, it’s not even published on this site!

career indie author logoAfter much thought and very little action, I’ve decided to move the Career Indie Author over to the Peschel Press website.

I’ve been thinking about separating the professional and personal sides of my online life for some time. There’s a lot that I want to write about that have nothing to do with my books, but it didn’t seem fair to inflict them on people who only want to know when the next volume in the 223B Casebook series is coming out, or what our latest books are about, or what I thought of Kenneth Branaugh’s “Murder on the Orient Express” (hint: I loved it! Go see it in the theatres. It’s worth it.)

Well, the best-laid plans, etc., etc. I’ve tried to figure out how to move the CIA posts over, and it looks like there’s two way: a) install several plug-ins and do complex shuffling and risk losing your database, or b) delete and republish posts manually.

I want to leave this material up, so I’m opting for column B, even though I have about 80+ posts to move.

In the meantime, the first post is already up. It’s about five movies about writers that are worth seeing.

Now that the process has started, I hope to add more material, including links to posts that I think are worth reading, and other material. Eventually, I want to have CIA become its own site, at least as far as you’re concerned, with easy-to-find information on starting and maintaining your own writing career.

For now, I have to take it one post at a time.