Life in Hershey: AACA Fall Meet at Hersheypark

AACA fall meet

The Antique Automobile Club of America’s based in Hershey, so naturally they’re holding their annual AACA fall meet on the parking lots at Hersheypark. It’s down the road from their building and there’s acres of space.

I don’t usually visit car shows, but a fellow commentor at James Lilek’s Bleat blog (hi, watchwayne!) said he was going to have a table there, so why not walk down and see what’s happening.

Watchwayne and I never met up; he was away from his table and I only had a few hours to be there (I also, stupidly, did not bring a phone along. My fault entirely.). So I spent time walking around.

My God.

That’s not even a big chunk of the 9,000 vendors there.

AACA fall meet

Anything that had anything to do with American car culture could be found here. Restored vehicles, unrestored pieces of junk, car parts, interstate signs, road maps, magazine covers. It looked like a Wal-Mart lot after the dystopia hits. There were the pros with professionally mounted displays.

auto meet book tent

Then parts that look like something Mal Reynolds would drop into Serenity.

Cadillac transmission

Lileks’ father operated a Texaco station, so I couldn’t resist getting a shot of this sign.

texaco sign at auto meet

“Dear, we have an RV the size of our first apartment. Where do you want to go?”

“Let’s sit in a parking lot for four days holding a yard sale.”

We live in a rich country, folks.

recreational vehicle at fall meet

Remember road maps? When my eldest went to Baltimore with friends, guess who was the only one who could read a road map to the con? GPS is making us dumber.

road maps for sale at AACA fall meet

One of my favorite offerings was a restored 1925 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. The steering wheel shows what you needed to know about the engine in order to drive it.

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow steering wheel

And that was my day at the park. I hope you found time to see something new.