A Walk Among the Longwood Gardens Fountains

Visited the Longwood Gardens Fountains last week to see if anything has changed since this time last year.

longwood gardens fountains

It looks like it has. A bit.

longwood gardens fountains

I forget what they call it. The fountain area. A huge Versailles-like expanse of walkways and fountains. Lots of statues and tree-shaded walkways. A field of white noise devoid of gardens. Inspired by the European model, I understand, and memories of visiting Paris back in high school confirm it. I don’t have fotos, but walking around the Eiffel Tower felt like a stroll through the desert. Phoenix with statues.

Like this one, part of a matched set. My mother had something like this on the sideboard in my childhood home, only a lot smaller and painted.

The parent in-laws have been visiting Longwood for years, and since they live in Dover and we in Hershey, it’s become a family meeting ground. The kids would visit the flowers, run ahead and behind us, the adults talking about adult things they weren’t interested in. If I’ve taken photos, they’re stored on CDs in the archives, and I haven’t thought to get them out to look at them.

Why should I? One trip was much like another. Now, we’ll have one more summer with the Bun before he heads off to college. Another is out of the house, and the daughter is at hand. We work every day, and haven’t had much time to reflect. Can’t think about the past when the present demands our attention.

The pump house that used to power the fountains has been left in place and turned into a museum. On the wall I saw this.

Their faces tell a story. He’s wondering if her sister will ever leave them alone. The girl next to him wants the photographer to finish before they get soaked. Sis on the left knew she should have charged more to stay.

Walking through the area, it’s easy to forget that a year ago, none of this was here. Every inch of this ground had been plowed, dug up, the pipes replaced, new concrete poured, filled in, made good. The trees are just starting their path upward. In about eight years, they’ll look like they were around when Du Ponts roamed the grounds.

One last note: On our way in, I spotted this in the parking lot. I’m not sure if someone wanted a unicorn really, really bad, or really, really hated “The Secret Life of Pets.”