The Force is strong with this Hershey newspaper

The local Hershey newspaper, The Sun, is a welcome reminder of what a good newspaper should be. It should cover the local news in detail, it should have a lively voice in its editorials, and it should come out regularly. If it prints a lot of local names, such as who spoke at the last city council meeting and who the students of the month are at the high school, so much the better.

To be honest, it’s not really a Hershey newspaper. It’s based in Hummelstown next door and recently expended its coverage to Elizabethtown. The true Hershey newspaper, the Chronicle, folded a few years back. But it covers Hershey in a way no other outlet does. It’s also growing in circulation, in part because, despite its website, it puts very little news online. If you want to know what’s going on locally, you pay for it. How very old-fashioned.

Because the paper is locally owned, it also has a distinctive voice. The editorials are in English, not newspaperease English with a tone and self-assuredness that Moses used when he brought the tablets down from Mt. Sinai. You get the feeling that a real human being is talking to you, whereas most quotes from newspaper executives would, on their own, fail to pass the Turing test.

Frankly, the profession went downhill when reporters became known as journalists and began putting on airs, but that’s a story for another time.

In last week’s Sun, the weekly’s publication date happened to coincide with a new national holiday, and whoever writes the headlines at the paper decided to commemorate it:

Hershey newspaper The Sun Star Wars headline

But, you say, the headline writer borrowed the idea from the first paragraph. What makes you think it’s “Star Wars” related?

Check the date above the headline. Clearly, there are rebels operating within the empire.