Coming to Art on Chocolate 2017

This is a quick note to let you know that we’ll be appearing at Art on Chocolate 2017 in downtown Hershey. We’ll be in the triangle-shaped field across the street from Chocolatetown Square.

art on chocolate 2016

We’ll be in the triangle-shaped section by the Hershey office building.

It’s on May 13, from about 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., so we’re spending this week preparing for the show. Teresa’s bought the fixings to make butterscotch crunchies, which we’ll give away to visitors along with our combo recipe / flyer. I’m starting work on the new catalog to feature our latest book, “Suburban Stockade.”

We have copies of “Stockade” in the house so we’ll have something new to sell.

art on chocolate 2017

Look for the tote bag display and see our selections!

Touting Totes

We’re taking this opportunity to do something different with the tote bags. These are made by Teresa for use while grocery shopping. They’re made of heavy-duty cloth, from her personal stash, so they’re washable, repairable, and will last a long time. She limits herself to only those materials, so there’s only a few made from each fabric. Once they’re gone, that’s it.

To celebrate, we’ve decided to give a tote back to every purchases of a book. Rather than use plastic shopping bags, we’re giving away something longer lasting. Since we sell these bags for $10 each, and the books sell for a few more dollars than that, you’re either buying a tote bag and spending a couple of bucks for a book, or buying a book and getting a free tote bag.

If you’re just looking for tote bags, we still have the deal where if you buy three, we’ll throw in the fourth one for free. Such a deal!

Teresa and I are looking forward to meeting our fans at the festival, and talking about our books and reading in general! We really enjoyed coming to Art on Chocolate 2017, and we hope you’ll join us there Saturday!