Anatomy of a Kickstarter Campaign

Even though this post is part of Career Indie Author, it’s not an excerpt from the book. Instead, it a link to an article by Comic Curmudgeon Josh Fruhlinger about the Kickstarter campaign he ran to finance his debut novel, “The Enthusiast.”

The Enthusiast Kickstarter

I’m linking to this because Josh upends the bag and describes the campaign, including how much he raised and where the money went. If you’re interested in running a Kickstarter for your book, this might be of interest to you.

I have a personal tie to this project, because Josh hired me to copy edit it. While I have 20+ years as a copy editor, it was the second time I’ve edited a novel. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, especially seeing a book that’s going to stay in the culture a little longer than 24 hours.

(If you’re interested in buying the book, it’s available as a hardcover or paperback, and as an ebook.)