Choosing the Quilt Binding Fabric



This post is part of a series about sewing NotQuilts. If you’re unfamiliar with this method, The NotQuilt series begins here. The link below takes you to the Cat Notquilt project.

So here we are again, me and the cat comforter that is being converted into a NotQuilt. This week, we’re moving from the finishing the backing to choosing the quilt binding fabric.

I have managed to sew on all of the backing. It looks decent.

notquit backing

The percale quilt binding fabric

quilt binding fabric

The quilt binding fabric consists of two pieces of contrasting green fabric. This shot was taken near the end of the process, as it was being sewn into place.

I’ve decided on the binding fabric. As it turns out, the two pieces of cat fabric that I will use for the set are both green. I dug through the stash and discovered the edges of sheets (from a long ago project to make a duvet) that are light and dark green!

They are a heavy percale, which should wear very well as a binding. The dark and light greens both coordinate with the green cat fabrics. Both pieces are solid, i.e., not a patterned fabric, so they will frame the cats very nicely and in a non-busy fashion.

Even if I have to piece the binding, it’s a win all around. I won’t know if I have enough fabric until I sew it onto the edges of the cat comforter. That will be several weeks to several months from now, depending on how long it takes me to sew on the front.