Art on Chocolate 2016: Blame It On the Rain

When it comes to rain-shortened Arts on Chocolates, we’re two for two.

They came earlier this year. By 1 p.m. the clouds were building up, and a half-hour later the crowds were moving for their cars and high winds were snapping the sides of our canopy like boys’ towels in a high school locker room.

art on chocolate 2016

There were more vendors in Chocolate Town Square, where the musicians played.

Otherwise, it was a fun event. There were more vendors than last year, with many on the blocked-off part of Cocoa Avenue between the Community Building Lot and Chocolate Town Square. This made it easier for visitors to cross the street.

art on chocolate 2016

Family members popped in and out of the book, but I was determined to get one of me in there.

We were situated near our last spot, on a place overlooking the intersection with Chocolate Avenue. This mean at least half the visitors passed close enough to us to stop, take a cookie and a recipe, listen to our spiel and maybe even buy some books.

This year’s score: 11 books and 2 tote bags sold, and a lot of catalogs and flyers given away.

As I mentioned before, that’s the primary reason for doing these shows. Sure, it would be nice to sell out. We priced the books to sell — believe me, getting a copy of the 500-page “Secret Adversary” packed with goodies is a steal at that price — but we also want to spread the word. That we have a line of ebooks, that we’re local (“the only Hershey product not made of chocolate” became our throwaway joke), that these books make great gifts for fans of Sherlock / Christie / Sayers or (in the case of “Writers Gone Wild”) for lit grads or writers.

This time, we also got some repeat business. One woman showed up, said she hadn’t gotten around to reading the Punch book on her stack, but bought three Sherlock books!

And that’s part of the fun as well is getting to talk to readers about books and writing and listening to their stories. I just wish we had more time to hear them.

And because I took them, here are some scenes from the show (the Downtown Hershey group also has their roundup of photos).

I especially love this footage taken with a drone:

susquehanna woodturners club

Wood-working demonstrations were put on by the Susquehanna Woodturners Club.

From the Garden Hershey

Dear Daughter made sure to renew her sugar scrubs order with From the Garden.

Sprited Servers Brackney

I was amused by the bottle openers using recycled beer bottles from Spirited Servers.

art on chocolate 2016

High-contrast photos seems to be more in demand these days. There were four dealers at this time, each one selling a different range of subjects.

derry township police department

Derry Twp. police were on hand to direct traffic along West Chocolate Avenue.