The Umbrosa Burglary / R.C. Lehmann (Sherlock Holmes parody)

Today’s excerpt from “The Early Punch Parodies of Sherlock Holmes” is also drawn from R.C. Lehmann’s cycle of stories about Picklock Holes. This one makes fun of Holmes’ habit of breaking the rules to achieve his ends.

One passion that played a major role in R.C. Lehmann’s life was rowing. He learned the sport at Cambridge, wrote books of instruction and poetry about it, and coached teams, often without pay, in the U.S., Germany, even at rival Oxford. He built his family home, Fieldhead, on the shores of the Thames in Buckinghamshire, where he could row at his leisure and, later, teach the sport to his children. Perhaps some of Fieldhead found its way into Umbrosa.

sherlock holmes parody “Propelled by an athletic young fellow.”