Sherlock Parodies on Video II (223B Casebook)

Today’s post is a continuation of last week’s post focusing on modern-day parodies that I found amusing. Not surprisingly, most of them focus on the BBC “Sherlock” show.

Stories from the 223B casebook — stories published during Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s lifetime (plus later ones I liked) — are published here every Monday and Friday. The up-to-date list can be found here.

Again, will start with one that a lot of “Sherlock” fans have already seen, the “Black, Two Sugars” trailer. I love videos that recut stories into movies that take a distinctly different take on the material. So far, I’ve come across “Toy Story 2” recut as “Dark Knight (with Woody as the Joker),” “Dirty Dancing” given the David Lynch treatment, and Rob Zombie’s “The House of 10,000 Muppets.”

In the case of “Black, Two Sugars,” the pleasure lies in not only the clever use of existing footage, but the music track (NOT taken from the show) that mimics perfectly those found in rom-coms: the bright bouncy music, the classic song pull (James Brown’s “I Feel Good”), the abrupt stops (only missing the “needle scratching across the record” sound) and ending with a lush romantic climax.

These clips are primarily the same with slight differences, so pick one and enjoy!

“Black, Two Sugars” Trailer #1

“Black, Two Sugars” Trailer #2

Next, a Russian TV show parodies not just the Cumberbatch “Sherlock,” but the Robert Downey Jr. and Jeremy Brett Holmes as well. The “scratched record” effect missing from “Black, Two Sugars” somehow found its way here.

Finally, the Dawson Bros. Funtime show did this takeoff, with the help of a (clothed) Irene Adler, that pokes fun at Holmes’ ability to discern clues visually.

Back again on Monday!