Max Beerbohm’s Sherlock Holmes Parody (223B Casebook)

Beerbohm,MaxThis time we have something a little different: A play review in the form of a pastiche. Judging from the evidence in his review of E. Temple Thurston’s, “John Chilcote, M.P.”, it is a great pity that Max Beerbohm (1872-1956) did not turn his pen to a serious Holmes pastiche. The critic and humorist displayed a fine ear for Holmesian narrative, and his short-story collection “A Christmas Garland” demonstrates his ability to parody other notable the authors of the day. To appreciate the “Incomparable Max,” readers will have to turn to his sole novel “Zuleika Dobson” (1911) and S.N. Behrman’s memoir “Portrait of Max.”

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