Fake Screenwriter James Strauss Also Real Convicted Swindler

Mug shot of James R. Strauss, fake screenwriter, real conman.

Fake “House,” “Deadwood” screenwriter; real con man James Strauss.

Holy jumping catfish: Turns out that James Strauss wasn’t some poor schlub living the dream claiming to be a Hollywood screenwriter at writers conferences. He also has a criminal record as a con man who stole more than $400,000.

His lies also extended to claiming he was an ex-Central Intelligence Agency officer and Marine Corps veteran who’d served in Vietnam.

Big thanks to Lee’s Facebook friends for digging this tidbit up.

You know, maybe I was too hard on Strauss in my original post. He knows nothing about screenwriting, but his experiences lying and defrauding people make him an ideal speaker at mystery conferences and equally well-suited for politics.