Suburban Stockade Mission Statement

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Suburban stockade introduction “Suburban Stockade: Strengthening Your Life Against an Uncertain Future” is intended to help people prepare for a decline in America that has been accelerating since the Recession of 2008. Every Saturday, a new post will appear that will discuss ways to take care of yourself and your family as we move into an era of higher energy prices, fewer resources, and environmental degradation. Today’s post will be short, intending to lay out the groundwork for the material to come.

The goal of “Suburban Stockade” is to be:

  • energy efficient
  • self-sufficient
  • cost-effective
  • financially independent
  • self-supporting
  • part of the local community
  • true green
  • sustainable
  • able to age in place
  • prepared for zombie attacks (if you are ready for zombies, you are ready for anything)

To quote that famous crazy fascist poet Ezra Pound:

Ezra Pound

Ezra Pound

“The minute I cook my own dinner or nail four boards together in a chair, I escape from the whole cycle of Marxian economics. I know, not from theory but from practice, that you can live infinitely better with a very little money and a lot of spare time, than with more money and less time. Time is not money but it is almost everything else.”

“ABC of Economics”

Next Week: The Joys of Financial Independence