On the Threshold of the Chamber of Horrors (223B Casebook)

This Sherlock Holmes Madame Tussauds pastiche is interesting because it takes place inside the famous wax museum. The Chamber of Horrors was notorious for featuring murderers, outlaws and particularly despicable politicians (nee one A. Hitler).

Sherlock Holmes madame tussaud

Benedict Cumberbatch “measured” by Madame Tussauds’ workers to publicize his effigy at the waxworks museum

The story appeared in the Oct. 27, 1894, edition of The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News. Its author, Montgomery Carmichael (1857-1936), was a Roman Catholic who left his hometown of Birkenhead, studied in Germany, and as a member of the Consular service spent the rest of his life and retirement in Italy. He wrote books on Tuscan towns, literary essays, Catholic art, and a “biography” of an English Roman Catholic convert that was later revealed as fiction.

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