Sherlock Holmes Fanfiction: ‘Sub Rosa’

While I’m planning on reproducing the fanfiction and other material I found from Conan Doyle’s lifetime, I thought this one from 2005 was too good to pass up.

Set after the events at the Reichenbach Falls, “Sub Rosa” by “prof_pangaea” reproduces the correspondence between the Holmes brothers. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a story, with a beginning, middle and end where the incidents build on each other. But it’s an imaginative work and deserves a look. The opening missives are reproduced below.

Note: After the newspaper article, there should be 23 telegrams, with a long blank space near the end (I believe intentionally). LiveJournal acted wonky and did not load all the telegrams for me.






The rest of “Sub Rosa” can be found at prof_pangaea’s account at Livejournal.