5 Simple Ways to Stay Safe Online

A security profession for over 30 years, Eric Cowperthwaite knows how to keep from getting scammed. So for the new year, he offers five suggestions that could keep you from explaining to your Significant Other why you’re getting pr0n popups and need to get new credit cards:

Don’t click on links in email sent to you.

One of the simplest ways for someone to attack you is to put a malicious link in an email. They do something like creating an email that pretends to be from Microsoft and tells you that you need to verify your email address. And provides a very convenient link in the email to do the verification. In fact, I just got one of those emails from another large company that urged me to verify my email and make sure and change my password.

I checked the link that the email wanted me to go to and lo and behold, it was not actually from the computer company named after a fruit. Had I gone to that website and entered my email address and changed my password, they would have had a good chance at being able to compromise my email account. Which is a really critical first step for a nasty financial attack against me. As I point out in the next behavior change.

The rest can be found at Security, Cigars and FUD.

2 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways to Stay Safe Online”

  1. Yikes! That is the hard way. Things like this are why I back up to two external drives (one just the files, the other an image of the drive) and burn critical files to CD that I put away. When I think about it.

    And a cybersafe new year to you, Lynn.

  2. Very good advice. Unless I know who sent me the link I click on nothing at all — this learned the hard way after I was hit with a virus via e-mail link that ultimately wiped my hard drive and almost cost me eight years of files.

    Have a safe and happy new year, Bill.

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