I didn’t know Ernest Hemingway knew how to play the guitar

Early work schedule today, but I wanted to leave you with this. It’s an illustration from a St. Louis newspaper, profiling Ernest Hemingway and his then-three wives, all of whom have St. Louis connections. It’s a shame newspapers don’t have the budget to hire artists to draw fanciful art like this.


That's Martha Gellhorn looking at you down left. Adds a nice little pop art touch, doesn't it?

4 thoughts on “I didn’t know Ernest Hemingway knew how to play the guitar”

  1. It’s a bit Vargas-esque, no? (Or the guy who drew celery in all his pin-ups.. Art Frahm, I believe, according to Lileks)

    1. Absolutely. I wish more newspapers would tend toward cheesecake. Maybe not the Page 3 variety, but c’mon.

      Throw in a little beefcake as well.

      1. Well, it IS Hemmingway, after all. With a guitar, no less. (Like he needed the guitar to attract the opposite sex.) Heck, he could’ve been wearing a feather boa, and still gather a fair amount of female attention. How’s THAT for cheesecake?

        1. Of course! What could have I been thinking! And that hairy chest, too.

          Which reminds me of Martha Gellhorn (wife #3) talking about meeting Hem in ’36 in Sloppy Joe’s bar in Key West. His “odiferous Basque shorts” didn’t keep her from spending the rest of the day with him, drinking Papa Dobles, then getting married.

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