Sunday newspaper coupons: Don Draper weeps

Any reaction is better than no reaction, I guess, and some companies this past weekend paid vast amounts of money and expended much time to creep out the customers.

First, there’s the “apply human features to animals” look. Imagine seeing this looking over the edge of the bed at you one morning:

Unless you live on the island of Dr. Moreau

Then there’s the entry in the “Land of Misfit Slogans” contest. From a company that specializes in providing healthful snacks, this must appeal to the hairshirt part of their audience:

Narrowly beat out "Tastes like dog spew, but you'll poop like a champ!"

After all that, seeing Mr. M&M gazing at you with the Pepe LePew-like intensity in the traditional accoutrements of the seducer must look normal.

"Baby, I'll melt in your mouth AND in your hands"

And how was YOUR morning?