Remember Aldo Kelrast

There’s mourning over at the Comic Curmudgeon with the news in Monday’s paper that Mary Worth’s stalker, Aldo Kelrast, last seen with seat belt a-fastened and Johnny Walker Red in hand, driving over the edge of the cliff, is truly dead.

There’s poems, remembrances, and even a new Jewish ritual from commenter “Krazy Kat”:

I am initiating a new ritual in our home:

The Aldo Seder
Friends and family will gather in our home each Sept. 24th (he died Sunday right?) at sundown. We will spread the color Sunday comics on the table. On that we will place the Plate of Aldo which will contain:
Bitter Herbs: To remind us of the bitterness of Mary’s rejection.
Apple Cake: To remind us of Mary’s sweetness, though the recipe is a secret.
A Shank Bone: To remind us of Aldo’s bones, broken in the crash.
Salt Water: To remind us of the tears as we fled the intervention.
A glass of Johnny Walker Scotch: To remind us of Aldo’s friend “Johnny” who never judged or deserted him.

At the table will be an empty chair to which we invite zombie Aldo to come and be our guest.

The Seder concludes when everyone gets bombed and leaves to drive home.


Or, as commenter Kelly put it: “This is straight-up, wiggidety-wack, yo!”