Upgrade problems but such portions

No, I’m not certain what that means, either, but it sounds good.

I upgrade the Expression Engine software that drives this site, but when I tried to log on, I got a blank stare. Turns out I didn’t upload the software completely.

But I’m back, and I’ll have two book reviews coming, including one already in the hopper and set to appear at 2 p.m. In the meantime, I’ve found a few links worth pursuing.

  • The Grumpy Old Bookman writes about Jill Paton Walsh, the mystery writer who finished Dorothy L. Sayers’ “Thrones, Dominations” and went on to continue the Lord Peter series with “A Presumption of Death.” Opinions are mixed about the work. Some of the members of the Lord Peter list over at Yahoo groups make it a point not to discuss the novels when they come up. I’m more sanguine about them. Walsh did a fine job retaining the spirit of the books, as well as she could. But maybe, after reading Robert Goldborough’s eviscertaion of the Nero Wolfe novels, I appreciate any effort that don’t emit vast swaths of suckitude
  • Popeye, the original “Thimble Theater” comic strips by E.C. Segar, is being republished by Fantagraphic Books. Unfortunately, they will not take your credit card on Tuesday for a copy today.
  • Deanna Hoak should stay on her side of the fence. Do I go to her house and copy edit her manuscripts?
  • Amazon wants you to buy books. Imagine!
  • Finally, yes Jennifer Solow, I want you for your body. But I want to read your book as well.