Sleazy, Disgusting & Dull Ltd.

If it may please the court, the prosecutor would like to present the case against one “Error of Judgment,” a novel by London barrister Dexter Dias.

Nick Downes, a lawyer, finds himself caught up in a web of entanglements, legal and sexual; the former from attempting to defend a man who confesses to a murder in a most gruesome fashion, the latter from the defendant’s wife.

The lead is attempting to have it both ways of presenting himself as a virtuous man of honor, and a sleazebag enjoying carnal relations with the wife of a defendant. Of particular note is a visit by the femme fatale to a Soho sex club, to which the barrister’s reaction is on an intellectual and emotional level of Bertie Wooster. Very silly.

Similar incongruities appear that lends it difficult, if not impossible, to take seriously, including, but not limited to: the hitting of said barrister on the head with a hammer, the result of which succeeds in knocking him out but failing to kill him, a 12-year relationship with a barrister of the female sex in which he knows her enough to judge her body language, but not enough to realize that she likes country music, and (those who do not wish to know the ending may wish to pass along) the climatic scene in which a man commits suicide by hitting himself in the eye with the claw end of a hammer.

I submit that, after reviewing “Error of Judgment,” the reader may be willing to consider a similar fate. This places the book within the jurisdiction of the Offense to Readers Act and should be considered remaindered, or better still, ignored.

Judge: So ruled