Lethal duo

Rumble Tumble” is the fifth book in Joe R. Lansdale’s series featuring Hap Collins and Leonard Pine, the most engaging and funniest traveling duo since Hope and Crosby, only more lethal.

This time, the friends are heading south of the border, flying in an airplane so rickety that it would give Indiana Jones the heebee-jeebies, to go up against a big and bad motorcycle gang.

Like most terrible troubles men find themselves in, it was love that made them do it. The daughter of Hap’s girlfriend, Brett, was sent to the gang as punishment for turning tricks and dealing drugs. Naturally, Hap, who’s pushing deeper into his mid-life crisis when he’s not busting heads as a bar bouncer, has to help them find the girl. Leonard goes along for the ride because, well, he’s Hap’s friend.

It’s a guy thing. If he’s riding shotgun, you offer to carry it.

If you started with a Mickey Spillane novel, added a sense of humor and language that’s saltier than the flats at Bonneville, you get the gist of “Rumble Tumble.”