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Welcome to Planetpeschel, the official website of Bill Peschel, author and editor. It is my personal site. I share my opinions on books, culture, media, and squirrels (as in “Look! A squirrel!). There’ll also be informal news on upcoming publishing projects from Peschel Press. The menu bar at the top will guide you through the site. The links below emphasize my books and upcoming projects.

bill peschel author editor peschel press logoThe Peschel Press publishes my books except for “Writers Gone Wild” from Penguin. I am currently writing and editing the 223B Casebook Series that reprints Sherlock Holmes parodies and pastiches from Arthur Conan Doyle’s lifetime.

Media information and photos can be found on my media page. For more information about Bill’s books, please visit the Peschel Press website.

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